Aku bukan USTAZ..

Aku bukan DA'IE..

Cuma ingin berkongsi ilmu yang bermanfaat di dunia dan kekal di akhirat..

Semoga Allah MeRedhaI..


Mutiara Kata


Im appreciate what my mentor says..

Slm.da lama aku kagum dengan seorang mentor dalam diam ku ni,Dengan semangat beliau yang mendalam dlm bisnes networking,dari seorang lawyer kpd networker,dari seorang yang berangn-angan kpd realiti,kini beliau telah 14tahun bersama QI Group,sekarang beliau diangkat menjadi V Managing Director,and his name Pathman Senathirajah,Aku cukup kagum dengan semangat beliau dalam mengejar impian2 beliau,dengan usaha keras beliau untuk mencapai impian beliau..Beliau menjadi mentor kpd seluruh partner seluruh dunia sekarang,menjadi kegilaan partner untuk success seperti beliau..Sekarang aku berada di landasan yang betul,kenapa aku perlu berpaling kpd landasan yang salah lg,cuma yang membezakan aku ngn dia ialah usaha jer..Percayalah ALLAH akan beri rezki ke atas manusia yg dia kehendaki..Rezki insyallah akan bergolek seiring dengan usaha kita..Berusaha lagi,lebih lagi yang kita dapat..anniversary aku bersama QI da masuk setahun,dan umurku juga dah meningkat kpd 20tahun untuk tahun ni..aku harus matang,setakat bucit saje xjadi..Matang dari segi pemikiran,matang dari segi prinsip,matang dari segi pegangan,dan segala2 yang aku lakukan memerlukan kematangan seiring dengan usia 20ku..Umur camni patut fikir kawin dah..hehe..(gatal)..Tapi kawin akan jadi angan2 jika terus berangan-angan tanpa usaha,usaha yang membawa kita ke arah kejayaan..The right path make you success..Insyallah..
Antara ayat2 yang aku kutip dari FB chief yang menjadi inspirasi aku untuk tenung dan kembali spirit aku ialah:
After spending some time in Jakarta, I am back in Malaysia to get a lot more work done. In a few days, I am set to leave again for Cairo to speak before thousands of Pathfinders leaders and IRs at PCon. It's only the second month of the year, yet we continue to go full steam ahead with events, trainings, roadshows, and great projects we are cooking up especially for all of our V family members! This is one family I will never trade for anything. The passion, love, determination, commitment, hunger, and courage of every V family member are what keeps me going all these years. Thank you guys for being with us for 14 years and I hope to be with all of you again at V-INDONESIA in September!
After a whirlwind trip to Amman, Jordan where I had an incredible time sharing the stage with the famous Les Brown, I am finally back in my home country Malaysia. Living out of a suitcase is how I would describe how my life is going to be like in the next few months. There is an unbelievable news coming from QNET (Official) which will be revealed soon and trust me on this, it is the next best thing after sliced bread! Another thing I am most excited about is V-INDONESIA which is set to take center stage in SICC in Bogor on September 2012. There is so much to see, taste, feel, hear, and learn at the biggest V event this year and I hope none of you will pass up the chance to be where the magic happens - V INDONESIA 2012. So please register now and make arrangements for your travel to Indonesia in September. I love you guys!
Good early Monday morning guys! This is going to be a full month for me in terms of travel and training engagements. Like today, I am currently in Jordan. One of the many perks, for me, of being where I am with THE V is the amount of travel that I do: going to places I sometimes cannot pronounce, armed only with the purpose of making a difference, of inspiring people to aspire for a life that is comfortable enough to give to their family - the children especially. That is why everyday, I thank QNET (Official) for giving me this wonderful opportunity that enabled me to become a somebody from being a nobody - through hard work, dedication, and great amount of learning from my mentor. Nothing is impossible, even financial freedom. Wanting it bad enough is the first step. There is no magic pill, no shortcuts. It's all about YOU, YOUR DREAMS, and HARD WORK.



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